Tourism and Museums

Provide quality information for the tourist. Don’t let a bad translation cloud the picture they take back home. Being a keen tourist and as a cultural heritage professional myself, I help clients get the best of results thanks to my wide database of good practices, that are of great use when dealing with a project of this kind. I can help you translate brochures, websites, interpretative display panels for museums and routes, videos, cultural information, social media posts, etc. Providing a quality translation helps improve the visitor’s experience. Let’s get better together!

Video Games

One of the most powerful industries on a global scale revolves around video games. Competition is fierce and it is essential to stand out. Having an excellent final version localized to languages that can reach a wider audience is one key to success. From small independent studios to bigger companies, they all need a quality translation service that leads the newly developed title towards its desired success. When this task is done by someone who combines professional education and experience in this area, as well as a passion for it, the outcome will be very positive for sure. What are you waiting for? Bring it on!

Scientific- Academic Translation

In the academic world, publishing on a regular basis, as well as attending conferences and meetings, is vital. I help independent researchers, as well as those associated with a university or other institutions, obtain a well-done translation of their research in the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences. Why publish a paper in Spanish when in English it will have more impact? As someone who has been attached to the research community for years, I will be glad to assist on this task.

Audiovisual translation

Audiovisual translation is the service with more technical skills requirements. This is why only specialized translators with the necessary skills and appropriate professional software will work in these kind of projects to ensure audio and video are in perfect sync, while the message is transmitted in a natural and fluent way.

What can I help you with? From providing transcription, to subtitling and spotting of a wide range of audiovisual products, such as promotional videos, series, documentaries, etc. Are you ready? Let’s start.


Product catalogues, educational games, descriptions, publicity… I use catchy slogans that convey the essence of your original idea. Translation is said to be a creative process in general, but I personally believe that these type of projects need an extra dose to get an impeccable result. First, you must do research on the product’s market in that country, in order to be able to select the best strategy to follow. Then, unleash your creativity! Let’s do it!
Do you need help editing graphic content? I help you with the final layout using graphic design software, so you can save time and money.

Your project doesn’t fit into any of these specialty areas? Leave your enquiry. I can advise or guide you to whom may better serve your purposes.